Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Feelings about Going Back to Peru on a Mission

Here are my feelings:
  • The words I would use to describe my feelings include: thrilled, ecstatic, joyous, and thankful.
  • My wife has some deep concerns, of course, including: our living conditions there, Peruvian food, our health, and her (current) inability to speak Spanish.
  • I asked my wife to forgive me for being giddy about our call to Peru. I do empathize with her reservations about serving in Peru, but I can't contain my own enthusiasm.
  • I feel that my emphasis on studying and using Spanish over the past 10 years will pay huge dividends. I feel totally fluent in preaching the gospel and in most common activities. (I'm not so fluent in everyday Spanish conversation, because of a limited vocabulary.) Visits to Peru, Argentina, and Mexico (6 times) over the past decade have really helped, along with my study of grammar and vocabulary.
  • I feel that my service over the past five months as a temple ordinance worker (Timpanogos Utah Temple) has really helped me prepare, by increasing my testimony, improving my ability to memorize things, encouraging me to practice the piano (I am the accompanist in the men's prayer meeting), and putting me in the spirit of spiritual service.
  • I have a deep desire within my soul to bear testimony, through the Spirit and with priesthood authority, of the divinity of our Savior.

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Sharon said...

This is a beautiful segment on your blog - very serious and sincere and moving. Your strong testimony will be a powerful force among a people you already love.