Sunday, May 18, 2008

Announcement of Our New Mission President

The Church News of May 17, 2008, announced the new president of the Peru Lima East Mission. He is Juan Leyva, 47. His wife is Rita Leyva. They are from Trujillo, Peru, a city up the coast of Peru from Lima. President Leyva has been a stake president and counselor, bishop, high councilor, and missionary in the Peru Arequipa Mission. President Leyva works for the Church as regional manager of LDS Employment Resource Services. Sister Leyva has served as a stake Young Women president, ward Relief Society and Primary president, counselor in the ward Relief Society presidency, and as a seminary teacher. President and Sister Leyva have three children.

I think the Leyvas will take office about two weeks before we arrive in the mission.


Andrea said...

Cool! Do you know if they speak English? I am sure you will love them like family by the time you leave.

Sharon said...

Hey brother...when I saw the picture of your new mission president and his wife I first thought what a beautiful couple they are and then how young they look!

I'm sure it's because we are so old, but they look like kids. But what great experience they have had,and how they will love you two as missionaries in their mission.:-)

Anonymous said...

Great info. One small correction: the last name is Leyva, not Levya. :-)