Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mission Postponed

I'm saddened (more than you can imagine) to report that our mission has been postponed. I have gradually developed more severe symptoms of atrial fibrillation (a heart-rhythm problem) for which I had an operation a year ago. I hope to have the operation again and head for Peru in 5 or 6 months.


Sharon said...

Scott, we too are saddened for you, because we know of your great love and readiness to be in Peru where you have been called to serve. I've never known, or even heard of more dedicated preparation that you two have given to a call!

May those months go by profitably and quickly. Our prayers are with you, brother!

Love, Lin and Sharon

Whitney said...

How sad! However, don't stop posting--it is so exciting to hear your little missionary preparation moments. Lucky for Beverly she will have more time to get a grasp on the basics of the language before you are in Peru. Best of luck!