Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Missionary "Farewell"

We don't have missionary farewells in the Church any more, but our bishopric did ask Beverly and me to speak in church, two weeks and one day before we enter the MTC on October 13, 2008. (We couldn't speak next week because of General Conference nor the following week because of Fast Sunday.)

In Beverly's talk, she related experiences that have inspired her to want to go on a mission to Latin America. She told about our experience ten years ago in Cancun, Mexico, where we met several members of the Church and attended a conference in which President Hinckley spoke. She also talked about our humanitarian trip to Peru eight years ago. Then she mentioned her patriarchal blessing, which said she would be a missionary abroad, and her experience in the temple recently where she had special feelings about our going to Peru, even though at that point we didn't think we'd be able to go to Peru.

In my talk, I focused on the gift of tongues, and mentioned the common interpretation---a gift to speak in a foreign language. However, the most important meaning concerns the ability to talk with a new tongue, even the tongue of angels, in bearing testimony and bringing others to Christ. It's that gift of tongues that I want for Beverly and me in Peru as much as the gift to be able to speak in Spanish.

Here I am with my aged mother, who (thanks to kind help from my sister-in-law) was able to come to our farewell.

Here Beverly and I are accompanied by three of our seventeen grandchildren (Todd, Alec, and Kenna).


Sharon said...

Thank you, Scott, for this wonderful post! We, of course, wish we could have been at your "farewell" to hear your talks, which are always profound. Nicole told us how nice the meeting was.

When I talked to Mom last Tuesday, she was so excited to attend your ward. She even had her dress all picked out! She looks so sweet.

We love you much!

Andrea said...

You guys gave great talks! I'm excited to read your letters, posts, e-mails, or whatever form of communication you use while you're gone.

Rita said...

I loved your talks and love you. I'm so excited for this next chapter and am crossing my fingers that we get to visit while you're there.

mumovearls said...

Give our Doug and Connie Loves from us we miss them so much!-Nena Earl

Eric said...

I wish we could have been there, but look forward to seeing you on Thursday! (Grandma looks much better then the last time I saw her and I look forward to seeing her as well.)