Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lima MTC (CCM de Lima) Peru

The Lima MTC (Missionary Training Center), known here as the CCM (Centro de Capacitación Misional) is located in the La Molina area of Lima, about a 30-minute walk from the Lima Temple. We visited the CCM again this week. Here's the sign out front, on Avenida Melgarejo:

The CCM campus is large and beautiful:

Missionaries walk through the main quad to get from their dormitories and classrooms to the cafeteria:

President Joseph Groberg (shown on the right) chats with two missionaries:

Sister Groberg, President Groberg, Sister Beverly Zimmerman, and Elder Scott Zimmerman enjoy breakfast in the mission president's apartment:

Some of the missionaries enjoy breakfast in the cafeteria:

Scott poses with Elders Wigington and Cabrera. Elder Wigington is in the Peru Lima East mission:

Beverly poses with some of the sister missionaries during breakfast:

The Lima MTC is a place of learning, service, and spiritual growth for the missionaries who go there for three weeks (if they already speak Spanish) or for six weeks (they have usually attended an MTC in the US and come here to learn Spanish). It's such a joy to feel the spirit of the missionaries in the Lima MTC.


Anonymous said...

Hi I have a mate serving in Ecudore but is currently in the Peru MTC I was wondering if I could obtain an address to write him? How do I do so?

Unknown said...

Is your visitor from Orem Utah Elder Rice? He should be arriving there soon if not there already, this is his mom. I found your blog when I googled MTC in Peru.