Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Missionaries and Members

On Monday (P-Day), we invited the young missionaries to our home for lunch (pizza). We recently found ready-made pizza crust, mozarella cheese, and mushrooms in a nearby store, and we found English ham and black olives in Huacayo (2 hours away):

Scott also made garlic bread with rolls from our nearby bakery, garlic salt, Parmesan cheese, and parsley flakes:

The missionaries--even the three Latinos--loved the food. Elder Winn (on the left) especially liked eating "American" food; Elder Chochobot (on the right) from Tacna, Peru, also devoured the pizza and garlic bread:

Our two Guatemalan missionaries, Elders Castro and Per, ate their share:

On Tuesday, Scott took a "colectivo" (a taxi with a set route), traveled an hour and 15 minutes to the town of San Pedro de Cajas (a town with no bank, no 'landline' telephones, and no Internet service---but with a nice LDS chapel) to give temple recommend interviews. Four members came: the branch president and these three wonderful women. They were so loving and appreciative. Two of them requested a blessing from Scott, which he was happy to give:

We love the missionaries and members in the Tarma district.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Is the English ham you are using the presliced kind that looks like it is for a ham sandwich. I found some of that the last time we went to Puno for shopping. It is pretty good. But I can't find black olives (except the mata-gringo kind) anywhere. I just keep looking for the kinds of things I want and sometimes I hit gold.