Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Basic Music Course Materials

Recently, we contacted the Church Music Department and they sent us materials for teaching basic music skills, such as conducting music and playing the piano. We're hoping we have the opportunity to use these materials to teach music skills to members of the Church in Peru. The materials include the following (in both English and Spanish):

Manual and disc for teaching how to play the piano
Manual and disc for teaching how to conduct a hymn
Book containing "easy" versions of the LDS hymns
Cardboard keyboard
Music note cards
Carrying case


Whitney said...

That is WONDERFUL!!! One of the things I remember most from the blessed hispanic members from my mission is that they LOVE music and LOVE to sing, but they don't do it too well. So, you will be greatly needed in this area!

Sharon said...

Yes, I too, got this (heavy) pile of materials and have found the two books useful in my keyboard classes. However, when you figure out those CDs are suppossed to work...please let me know!

My computer skills leave a lot to be desired obviously. You two will be great!!!


McKenzie said...

Aunt Bev and Uncle Scott! Ryan and I are so excited for you to be going to Peru! Good luck! We can't wait to come down to South America to visit you! Be safe!