Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Stay at the MTC

Before we left for Peru, we spent 5 days at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. We were with a group of 22 couples going various places: Nauvoo, IL, St. George, UT (Visitor’s Centers); mission offices in Hawaii and Panama; the temple in Palmyra, NY, and proselyting in Oklahoma, Scotland, Singapore, India, and Peru.

We spent the week learning to teach each of the three missionary lessons in our own words. Scott gave the lessons in Spanish and I read a few scriptures in Spanish.

We´re officially at the MTC:

This is where we are going: Peru!

One of our teachers, Sister Bramall, was in Brasil with Lin and Sharon. We met Sister Bramall when we went there to visit.
This is one of our young returned-missionary teachers, Sister Magillo. Her husband was in Beverly´s technical writing class at BYU last semester.


Sharon said...

Scott and Bev,

It's just thrilling to imagine all the wonderful experiences you are having in Lima! These pictures are so nice and help us visualize your surroundings.

Good to hear from you!

McKenzie said...

Aunt Bev, it sounds like you had a wonderful experience in the MTC! My mom forwarded your letter, and it sounds like you are loving Peru and it's people. Buena suerte!

Sharon said...

It's so good to see our dear Sister Bramall with you two at the Provo MTC.

Isn't she just the sweetest person? And yes, she would have remembered you from the MTC in Brazil when you visited.

Great pictures!