Sunday, October 12, 2008

Setting Apart as Full-Time Missionaries

Saturday (October 11, 2008) we held an open house at our home for friends and family. Nearly 80 people came. What a wonderful, loving show of support.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Layton to see our oldest grandson receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Afterwards, our daughter took our picture in front of our home.

At 8:00 pm tonight (Sunday, October 12) we were set apart as full-time missionaries. This picture shows (from left to right) the first counselor Pres. Eric Vogel, our stake president, Pres. Brent Roberts, Beverly, and me.

All of our children came for our missionary farewell activities in July, but when our mission was delayed three months, those on the eastern seaboard couldn't make it. This pictures shows those who actually attended the setting apart. We thank those who came and those who stayed back at the house and babysat the younger grandkids.


Andrea said...

It was a fun weekend. We're going to miss you guys!!

Tracy said...

Were you and Hermana Zimmerman tending those beautiful flower beds out front of the house? It looks spectacular. God's Blessings!! Enjoy the MTC, I loved it.

McKenzie said...

Oh yea! I am so excited for you! Buena suerte en Lima! Nos vemos pronto!

Eric said...

It was a quick but fun weekend. Love you both.

Sharon said...

How wonderful!

We think of you often and hope you are loving your MTC time. How long will you be there? Are you living at home or on campus?

Your pictures are just beautiful!

Thompson Family said...

I am so happy to hear that you will be serving in Peru after all! I know that the two of you will be amazing missionaries and will be a great strength and help to the people there. We will keep you in our prayers! May the Lord bless you in your endeavors.
Brittany (Cornelius)