Thursday, January 15, 2009

Farewell to Two of Our Favorite Missionaries

Elder Ebert and Elder Leiva, two of our favorite missionaries, are leaving the office, so we took them and their companions to dinner. This picture shows Scott and Beverly with the Office missionaries: Elder Davis (assistant to the president), Elder Clark (new personal secretary to the president), Elder Ebert (former secretary, being transferred), Beverly, Scott, Elder Leiva (assistant to the president, going home to Arequipa), Elder Oliveros (mission supplies clerk).

Elder Leiva and Elder Oliveros celebrate the great food and drink.

This is Parrillada de Carnes (Grill of Meat), served at the Leña y Piedra (Firewood and Stone) Restaurant, located near our apartment. The grill of fillet mignon, tenderloin, chicken, and sausage is brought right to the table. It stays sizzling hot from the coals below the grill. The meat is delicious.


Russ said...

Maybe it's the diet speaking, but that food looks amazingly good.

Sharon said...

Yum! There's nothing like South American cooking! Can I smell it from here?

Anonymous said...

Anything wrapped in bacon is good eats!