Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Zone Leaders Council, Peru Lima East Mission

On Tuesday, January 27, we attended a meeting with all the Zone Leaders in the mission. Beverly gave a 5 minute talk and Scott gave a 45 minute presentation on studying the scriptures.

President Leyva presented the goals for the missionaries in our Area for 2009:
1. Read the Book of Mormon and to use it in our teaching,
2. Improve the quality of our teaching,
3. Prepare for the Sacrament and to partake of it worthily,
4. Understand the importance of planning in our missionary work,
5. Work with ward mission leaders and the members, and
6. Help families achieve the blessings of the temple.

After the meetings, we went to dinner at the Yeyas Hotel and Restaurant near the temple. These pictures were taken while we were getting ready to eat.

Another table of missionaries waiting to eat.

The same table as the previous picture, only looking from the other end. (President Leyva and his family are standing at the back.)

A table with some of the North American zone leaders. Each companionship of zone leaders has one North American and one Latino missionary.

This pictures shows some of the appetizers: Ceviche (marinated fish), camote (sweet potatoes), papas a la Huancaína (potatoes in cheese sauce), and chicha morada (a drink made from purple corn).


Anonymous said...

The chicha morada sounds interesting. Is is good (in your opinion)?

Beverly said...

Yes. The chicha morada is actually good. It's like really good grape Kool-Aid.

Sharon said...

This post is AWESOME!!! I get so excited when I read any words like missionaries, zone conference, Book of Mormon, etc. Missionary work is just so exciting. We're so proud of you two Zimmermans and the great work you're doing.