Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lesson on Missionary Work to Young Woman

Scott was asked to give a presentation to the Young Women of Las Viñas ward (the ward which shares the building with our ward). Here are the YW and their leaders. The YW president is on the far right.

For the lesson, Scott told about our daughter, Andrea, who fellowshipped two of her friends (Teresa and Pua) into the Church. This picture shows the missionaries with Teresa. (Andrea is on the far right; Teresa is second from the left.)

Scott used suggestions from Andrea to teach the lesson: Be a good friend. Accept your friend's beliefs. Set a good example. Invite your friend to Church activities. Be patient. (Teresa went through 8 sets of missionaries before she was baptized!)

Scott also told about the Hewitts, who Beverly fellowshipped. Sister Hewitt was already a member, but through Beverly's friendship and help after Sister Hewitt had surgery, her husband started attending church. Brother Hewitt is now a member of a Stake presidency in Florida. Scott then showed this updated picture of Beverly with her daughters and daughters-in-law.

The Peruvian YW absolutely loved the pictures and came up after the presentation to look through them again on the computer. We gave each of them a copy of the Book of Mormon and challenged them to give the book to one of their friends. We hope they will accept our challenge.


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh! what beautiful women those Peruvians are!! What a perfect and simple approach to teaching missionary work. And the pictures are just perfect. They make it so real and personal. Those stories showed how natural sharing the gospel can be.

Congratulations Bev and Andrea...and Scott. You're great missionaries.

Rita said...

That's a lot of girls! I am loving the updates of what you are doing and accomplishing on your mission. Thank you for your beautiful service to the people of Peru and for the blessings that we feel because of your work and example. We love you.

Anonymous said...

They look like such a great group of young women. It's so exciting to hear about all you are doing in Peru.