Thursday, January 29, 2009

FHE Group Activity

We are not the only North American missionary couple serving in Lima. Here are some members of our Family Home Evening group on an outing to the Manos Peruanas Museum (a folk art museum in Miraflores, an upscale part of Lima).

Members of the group shown in this picture include: Sister Drake (her husband, squeezed out of the picture, is medical doctor for the Lima missions), Bowmans (Lima temple president), Elder Lamb (Perpetual Education Fund), Goedes (Lima East mission office), Davies (Area office), Brother Messinger (US Army officer, working at the US Embassy in Lima), Ramirez (temple missionaries), Hawkins (temple presidency), our museum guide, Scott and Beverly (Lima East Mission presidency), Sister Earl (PEF), Cleverlys (Lima Central mission office), and Andersons (retirees living in Lima).

The museum contained prize-winning work by Peruvian artisans in metalwork,



wood carving (a bird, snake, turtle, and crocodile are carved into this piece of driftwood),

and ceramic.

Most of the work had a religious theme. This picture shows Scott standing by a large ceramic work of Mary and Joseph's flight into Egypt.

If you'd like to see other pieces from the exhibit (and a beautiful Peruvian sunset from a high-rise apartment in Miraflores), go to Scott's picture albums at


Anonymous said...

I love the art work, especially the colorful embroidery!

Sharon said...

Just beautiful! I remember the few things you brought back from Peru 43 years ago - all were just beautifully crafted. These are spectacular.

Your FHE group is huge. Looks like you have a great time.