Saturday, January 10, 2009

Teaching Lesson #4 to the Dinklangs

This week Scott taught Lesson #4 to the Dinklang family. Lesson #4 is organized differently from the first three missionary lessons. Lessons 1-3 explain the doctrines of the gospel, whereas this lesson explains the specific commandments God has given us to help us live the gospel.

These commandments consist of the following: Praying often; Studying the scriptures; Keeping the sabbath day holy; Following the prophet; Obeying the 10 Commandments; Living the law of chastisty; Obeying the Word of Wisdom; Donating tithes and offerings; Observing the law of the fast; and Obeying and honoring the law.

It's impossible to cover all of the commandments in one lesson, so we discussed obeying the Word of Wisdom

and donating tithes and offerings.

We were able to bear witness to the Dinklang family that they will receive many physical and spiritual blessings as they keep the commandments. We look forward to teaching them the other commandments in future Family Home Evenings.

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Sharon said...

What a nice post on your lesson of the Word of Wisdom and Tithing. We hope the Dinklang family will receive their own confirmation to accept and live these two important principles to bless their lives.