Saturday, March 28, 2009

Music and Dance in the Tarma District

Every Saturday, we travel to two outlying branches to teach piano lessons and Book of Mormon. Today nine students came to Beverly's music class in Junín. Here is Fredy, Beverly's prize student. He has really practiced during the past two weeks and can already play several very simple hymns:

Thirteen students showed up to the music class in La Oroya. That brought the total number of Beverly's music students for the week to 40. They ranged in age from 4 to 60. Here are some of the students in La Oroya:

In this picture some of the piano students in La Oroya watch one of their group (Percy) trying to play the piano. Notice our nonmember driver (in the back, on the right). He sat through the music classes in both Junín and La Oroya. He and his family have also begun having the missionary lessons from the young missionaries:

After our day-long travels, we arrived back to Tarma in time to attend a district Primary activity. Here some young Primary girls doing a traditional Peruvian dance. They are high-spirited, very coordinated little girls:

Our four Tarma missionaries also enjoyed the event (l to r: Elder Keel, Elder Santos, Elder Illachura, and Elder Wengren):

The five dancers pose for a photo. Their names are Yomira, Yomara, Michaell, Dayana (she has twice been to our home for Family Home Evening), and Tamara:

Can you see in their faces how the Lamanites are flourishing as a rose, even in this remote part of the Lord's vineyard?


Renée said...

What a beautiful post! Your are really in an incredible place. We love the World Dance and what adorable little dancers. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

I'm sitting here reading and weeping. What a lovely day for you...and now for us. The scriptures tell us we should praise the Lord with music and dance and they did. How beautiful! Thanks and love to both of you.

Russ said...

Did I catch that right? You guys aren't teaching the discussions any more to your driver, the young missionaries are?

Scott said...

Yes, Russ, we have asked the young missionaries to teach our driver and his family. We are trying to work as a team. They will visit the family daily, teach the other lessons, and hold FHE with them at our house. We will teach José during our car trips, and help him meet other members and local leaders.

Anonymous said...

They are 5 beautiful young girls who are sinless and spotless. Not "Lamanites."

Scott said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment in support of these wonderful, spotless girls. But a careful reading of the Book of Mormon would reveal that "Lamanite" is not a negative term. Christ himself uses the term in a positive way (3 Ne 23:9). The members of the Church here call themselves Lamanites, a remnant of the House of Israel and a chosen people.

Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful, brightly-colored costumes of the primary girls. Oh, and keep us posted on your driver and his family.