Friday, March 20, 2009

Scott's Morning Walk

Today I went out on my morning power walk/run with my camera in hand. I headed east up the hill, and within 15 minutes I was out in the countryside:

I met this man harvesting his crop to take home to his animals:

I walked/jogged on by, but on my way back down the hill, the man was walking up with his load and his sickle:

I chatted with the man for a few minutes and found out that he is originally from San Pedro de Cajas. He then asked me if I would take another picture as a souvenir:

Later, I stopped to chat with these two women, who were loading milk onto their donkey to take the milk to market:

By the way, I always ask people for permission to take their pictures. One friendly woman with whom I chatted for a few minutes declined; all the others accepted my request and were happy to see themselves on my camera LCD afterwards. I love these happy, bright, hard-working Peruvians.


Andrea said...

How awesome!! I love these photos and would love running there with you!

Sharon said...

Scott, your photos are truly spectacular! They seem to come from another generation and almost another world. I just love your blog!!


Russ said...

I wish it were easier to take a camera along during runs. I'm glad you were able to on Friday. You got some wonderful pictures of some interesting people.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!