Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Tarma Neighborhood

We showed you our neighborhood in Lima, now we want to show you our neighborhood in Tarma. Looking south out our second-floor bedroom window (Remember, in Peru the poor homes are in the hills, not the rich ones):

Looking east out our bedroom window, with our yard in the foreground (the big building high up on the hill is a school):

The Internet store across the street:

Looking west down Bermúdez (our street), with its constant parade of mototaxis:

The bread store (panedería), a half a block away, where we buy bread almost every day:

The copy center, a block and a half away, where we make copies of handouts for our lessons:

The paper and office-supplies store, two blocks away:

The barber shop/beauty salon ("peluquería"), where Beverly had her hair done and Scott had his hair cut. The haircut for Scott was on par with the haircuts at the BYU Barber Shop (US$10-$12), but here in Tarma, Scott paid US$0.80. Yep, that's 80 cents for a haircut. Beverly's tint and haircut: $14. (However, she's not sure she'll go back because standard procedure in Tarma is to use the same brush, comb, towel, and rinse water for all clients.)

The bodega (little general store) a half a block away, where we buy eggs, milk, soda pop, canned tuna fish, chips, etc.

As you can see, we have a wide range of wonderful little stores all within a few blocks. We really enjoy our neighborhood.

And there's never a dull moment on our street. Here you see the gate to our house (house number 390) and a "moving van" going down the hill:


Anonymous said...

The bread is so much better in South America. You go in the morning and buy fresh warm bread for breakfast. There is no need to stock up because it is made every day and it is warm and yummy!

Russ said...

I love that picture with the mototaxis and the mountain in the background. It shows off the beautiful scenery and unique culture.

Anonymous said...

It's great to get some good visuals of where you're living. Thanks for the tour.