Sunday, December 21, 2008

Central Market of Lima

On December 11, we took a trip to the Mercado Central, near the old center of Lima. Quite the experience.

This man was selling a fruit called mamey out on the street. It looked yummy.

We bought some cookie molds from this young salesman.

The open-air meat market had its own distinctive sights and smells.

Beans, grains, cereals, and almost anything else you might want was sold in bulk. The biggest problem was that the clerks scooped up everything with their hands.

A popular item was quail eggs. We're not sure how people cook them or how they taste. This vender was also selling whole chickens.

The fruit and vegetable section had a wide selection of wonderful Peruvian bananas, mangos, potatoes, and everything else.

Because of the upcoming Christmas holiday, the streets were jammed with shoppers, even though it was a week day.


Sharon said...

I feel like I've walked the streets of Lima! Great little tour:-) This reminds me of the "feiras" (open markets) in Brazil. We loved those.

Russ said...

Whoa! Fantastic pictures. Out of curiosity, how did you get the people to pose for you? Also, in that last one, is that a red and white flag on the side of the mountain?

Scott said...

McFrosty, I asked these people if it was okay to take their picture. They readily agreed. Most Peruvians are outgoing and don't mind their picture being taken.

The red and white flag is of Peru. It's actually painted on the side of the mountain. The retaining wall you see above the flag is there to protect the installations on top of the mountain--radio and cell towers and other structures.

Eric said...

More pictures of food? I'm starting to see a trend here. Just kidding. I love these pictures!

Suzanne said...

Wow. Almost exactly like the streets in Mexico. It makes me miss Mexico and sigh a breathe of relief that I'm OUT of Mexico all at once. Thanks for sharing.