Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Temple Announced for Peru

The Church has announced plans to build a temple in Trujillo, Peru. The temple (the 146th temple and the 17th temple in South America) will serve more than 88,000 LDS Church members in the region. Although Trujillo isn’t in our mission, we are thrilled for the Church members in Trujillo who currently travel 9-10 hours by bus to attend the temple in Lima. Church members have been praying and hoping for another temple in Peru for many years.

Here are pictures of the many busloads of people who come to the Lima Temple every Saturday. People travel for many hours to reach the temple and then they have to sit outside the temple for hours waiting for their turn. The temple in Trujillo will relieve some of the crowding at the Lima temple. We hope many more temples will be built in Peru in the future.

Members arrive from all over Peru in tour busses.

Members line up an hour or two before the temple opens.

Members walk around the grounds, chat with their friends and family, as they wait their turn to get into the temple.


Sharon said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read about a new temple in Peru. First thing I thought was "My brother and sister-in-law are there. That's marvelous!"

What a blessing for those dear people who give up so much and travel so far to receive the blessing of the temple. The "dotting of the earth" continues.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'm so happy for the people of Peru.

Dandi said...

The Trujillo Temple ground breaking is great news for the saints in northern Peru. What wonderful people!