Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Trip to the Lima Peru Temple

Today we went to the Lima Temple because Scott had to interview and sign the recommend for a couple from Tarma who were being married. While we were there, we performed the sealing ordinance for some of Beverly's ancestors: 29 women, 46 men, and 11 couples.

It was an amazing experience to hear the ceremony in Spanish (the Peruvians actually did a good job of pronouncing these English names) and to be assisted by several wonderful Peruvian ordinance workers. When we finished the names for her family, Beverly was proxy for a daughter who was sealed to her Quechua parents, with the last name of Yapanqui. (The Quechua are the native Peruvian Indians. One of the most famous Inca leaders was named Tupac Yapanqui.)

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Lima Temple and grounds.

The Lima Peru Temple, dedicated January 10, 1986. Here is Scott's picture taken December 5, 2008:

The reoccurring architectural motif of arches, and arches within arches:

Scott by the temple.

The beautiful arches and flowers of the temple:

Here are a few of the 86 people for whom we did work today. Their ordinances have been done in Germany, Nauvoo, Arizona, Utah, and now Peru. They are from England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, and the US and are from both Beverly's father's family (Byington) and her mother's family (Hood, Winmill).

After the session, the sealer said, "I'm going to write these numbers down so the Lord will know how much work we did today."


Thompson Family said...

Wow! I never knew that Peru was so incredibly beautiful!

Russ said...

I love the photos of the temple. HDRs?

Ryan said...

Great pictures!! My mom and I also had a great experience in the Lima Temple when we went. It was great to be so close to everyone in the session we participated in. We also had empanadas in the cafeteria.

Sharon said...

What an absolutely marvelous experience!! I love the photos and the family file cards...WOW! That makes it real.

Thanks for the great post, as always.

Love you brother and sister-in-law!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful temple!