Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FHE with the Dinklangs

Last night during Family Home Evening, Scott taught the 2nd missionary lesson to the Dinklang family. Sister Dinglang's mother who is not a member of the church was there, so it was our first time in Peru to teach the Gospel to someone who is not a member of the church. Lesson #2 is on The Plan of Salvation. It teaches the following basic principles:

  • Our pre-earth life and God's purpose and plan for us

  • The creation

  • Man's agency and the Fall of Adam and Eve

  • The purpose of our life on earth

  • The Atonement

  • The spirit world

  • Resurrection, judgment, and immortality

  • Kingdoms of glory

Scott prepared a diagram and cut it up into little pieces of paper, and then had Sandro Dinklang and his cousin put the pieces in order. As they did so, Scott explained the doctrine of each one. Here's a picture of the sheet he used to make the little "puzzle."

After the lesson Beverly helped Sharela Dinklang complete the final requirement for her Young Womanhood award. We were touched when the Dinklangs asked us to do the temple ordinances for Sister Dinklang's grandparents (Guillermo and Teodora Yarihuaman and Pablo and Teofila Raya). Sharela was among the members of the ward Mutual who had done baptisms and confirmations for some of Beverly's ancestors earlier in the month.

Then Sister Dinklang served Papa Rellena, an old and traditional Peruvian dish. Basically, it’s mashed potatoes stuffed with ground or minced beef, eggs, and some spices, all deep fried. It was yummy!


Russ said...

Mmmm... That papa rellena looks very tasty.

Do missionaries still have those flip charts, or did Dad just want to make his own diagram?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great lesson! And the food looks delicious!

Ryan said...

We had papas rellenas on Sunday night at a friend's house. They were great!

Sharon said...

Both the food and the lesson look perfect! I'm on my way:-)

I just taught the Plan of Salvation to Institute kids and found many charts online...but wasn't looking in the "Spanish" section, however. Yours is perfect!

Love, your sister

Noemi said...

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