Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eduardo's Birthday Party

After his baptism on Friday, Eduardo's family held a birthday party for him. Here Eduardo (center) poses with two of his friends:

The missionaries, Elders Keel and Santos, help blow up balloons for the party:

The balloons honor Eduardo Durand Florián for his 8th birthday:

The party involved music, friends, balloons, and dancing. We left after being at the party for 2 hours, just as the dancing began (and the music got very loud). When we passed by the restaurant 2 hours later (on our way to the church), the birthday party was still going strong and the kids were still dancing!

This picture shows some of the food at the party (notice the gelatin in cups, candy on round trays, and popcorn in paper cones):

Scott took a series of pictures of the little boys and one girl sitting in a row in front of us. As time went on, the boys got more restless waiting for the party to begin. (We waited for 2 hours.) Other boys showed up and they all tried to sit in the same seats. As you follow these time-lapse pictures, watch the behavior of the boys as compared to the little girl at the right:

Kids are kids everywhere in the world.

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Sharon said...

Oh, that time lapse is hillarious! Of course it was made more dramatic because she was the ONLY girl! But yes, kids are the same everywhere:-)