Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Six Months of Photographs of Amazing Peru!

To celebrate our six-month milestone, Scott posted two photo albums of special pictures of Peru and its people. The first album, found by clicking here, contains scenic photographs, mostly of the High Central Andes. Here's one sample:

The second album, found by clicking here, contains portrait photos of some of the Peruvian people, mostly those who live in the Andes Mountains. Here's one sample:



Sharon said...

What a treat that was "thumbing" through your six-month albums! Absolutely gorgeous photography! And has it really been six months - where does the time go?

You are having a wonderful mission experience. We love all that you share with us!

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Boy you are right about that. Great shots and great job. Doug

Russ said...

Uhhh... Wow! A bunch of those I hadn't seen, and they're all incredible. (Note: I commented on a few of them in Picasa.)

I hope then twelve months are as successful as the first six.

Andrea said...

My favorite was the Sunset off the west coast of Lima, from Miraflores. Beautiful!