Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mi Compañero: Then and Now

We are celebrating the anniversary of two important events in our life: 42 years ago today, Scott and I got engaged; one year ago today, President Monson signed our mission papers. These pictures are of Scott on his first mission in Peru and on his current mission in Peru. Here he is in downtown Lima (in the first photo, Scott is on the far right):

With his mission president and some of the office missionaries in Lima (in the old picture, Scott is on the far left):

With some of the missionaries in his Zone (Scott is on the far right in the first photo):

With his companion (Scott is on the left in the first photo):

His official mission photo:

And other "then and now" pictures:


Russ said...

Congratulations on your (engagement) anniversary! I have no idea what day of the year you guys got married, but I never forget the anniversary you actually celebrate.

Erin and I should do the same thing. Our anniversary is so close to Christmas (and David's birthday), that we never really celebrate it properly.

I hope you guys are able to do something special to celebrate it.

Andrea said...

I love these pictures! Happy "anniversary"!

Sharon said...

What a lovely "ANNIVERSARY" post... and a nice trip down memory lane to the same location for you Scott. Love those pictures of both of you!

Anonymous said...

I meant to wish you a happy April 1st. How fun to see the contrast between Scott's 2 missions to Peru. Thanks for the post.

Douglas and Connie Jones Earl said...

Great pictures. I wish we had the names of those missionaries. We all looked the same in those days.