Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roadside Friends

While traveling the six hours between Tarma and Huancavelica through the High Central Andes, we took these pictures of people who live above 12,000 feet and who happened to be on the side of the road as we passed.

Three generations of women in their different dress:

A woman and her dog cleaning up at a roadside restaurant:

A grandmother entering a "bodega" (small, general store):

Women buying and selling in the central market in Izcuchaca:

Two women selling "tuna" (which is not the fish but rather is a cactus fruit):

Two women leaving their home in a small town:

Men and women conversing on a street in Huancavelica:

A farmer cutting his crop of oats:

Women chatting and laughing in Huancavelica:

A woman selling fruit in Huancavelica:

A woman walking along a sidewalk in a small town:

A man giving a haircut ("corte de pelo)" in an open-air market:

People waiting at the "paradero" (taxi stop) in a small but busy town:

A woman and her sheep dog in the high altiplano:

We hope this gives you a taste of the people and culture in our mission area in the High Andes.


Andrea said...

The last picture is AMAZING!

Gwen said...

I wish that PLN mission had couples that did a blog like you do. The young elders just don't take the pictures or describe things that mom's want to hear :)

thanks for your service

Gwen Rich

Sharon said...

I feel like I've been on that road trip with you, instead of one of our own:-) Just great!