Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Home Evening with the Quinto Family

Meet the Quinto family. Brother José Quinto, our driver as we have traveled around the mission, is standing next to Scott; Sharon, the youngest daughter is standing in front of José; Martha, José's wife is standing next to him; and Mayra, the older daughter, is standing next to Beverly).

Tonight we held our second family home evening with the Quinto family and with our missionaries, Elders Santos and Keel:

The Quinto family have had the missionary lessons and seen two videos on the Restoration of the Gospel. They are progressing in their knowledge and have begun to read the Book of Mormon, but they still haven't come to church as a family. (Brother José has been to church with us once.) They have promised to come to church this coming Sunday.

They are a wonderful, kind, and thoughtful family. They have been touched by the Spirit to the point of agreeing to the concept of baptism but not to the point that they are willing to fully commit to a new religion. We have faith that the Spirit will touch them so that they will want to be baptized.


Russ said...

They look like a neat family.

I'm sure if they go to church on Sunday (and what better week to go than Easter Sunday?) it will help a lot in their testimony of the church and subsequently their desire to be baptized.

Sharon said...

What beautiful people. We'll keep the Quinto family in our prayers. They would be a great addition to the Church - and vice versa.