Monday, July 6, 2009

The Changing Seasons in the Peruvian Mountains

During the rainy season in the mountains, which the Peruvians here call winter (go figure), which lasts from November to April, the hills are green, as shown in this picture taken April 4, 2009:

Yesterday, July 5, 2009, Scott took the same picture again, now with the fields all white, ready to harvest:

If you look carefully at this picture taken yesterday, you can see workers out in the field, harvesting and plowing:

You can see why we were surprised when we moved here in February to see the hills totally green, when our travel book described Tarma as a town nestled among brown hills. Well, now they're brown--during the cold, rainless "summer" season.


Russ said...

Beautiful before/after shot. I love it.

Andrea said...

I like the before/after too! So is it cold in the "summer"?