Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer in the High Andes

It's summer in the "sierra" (mountains), which is the dry-but-cold season. (It's winter on the coast of Peru, where it's cooler and wetter.) The hills and mountains in this agricultural area are no longer lush green, a sign of the end of the harvest season. These pictures were taken earlier this week during our trip from Tarma to Huancavelica:

Beverly took this picture of Scott among the interesting rock formations on a mountain near Huancavelica:

She also took this picture of Scott posing in front of a Spanish Colonial bridge that spans the Mantaro River in the town of Izcuchaca:

The Mantaro River also cuts through this mountain valley:

At 12,000 feet above sea level, this woman herds her sheep and llamas:

Because we traveled during the celebration of the Peruvian Independence, many homes flew the Peruvian flag. This home also has an ornament, which the people place on their roofs to bless to the home and protect it from evil spirits:

This village in the High Andes is interesting because of the unusual colorfully painted homes:

Many farmers own one or more burros. These two burros are taking a break from their day of labor in the high farmland of the Central Andes:

We love to serve in this amazing country of Peru.

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Russ said...

Fantastic photos!