Monday, July 6, 2009

Missionaries of Junín and Huancayo

Saturday, 4th of July, we "celebrated" by doing what we always do: travel to La Oroya and Junín for our piano and scripture classes. In Junín, Elder Bird wanted a picture with us because he is heading home to Tremonton, Utah, tomorrow.

Here we are with Elder Chochabot (left) and Elder Bird (far right) in Junín:

On Sunday, Scott gave a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation at the General Priesthood Conference of the Mantaro (Huancayo, Peru) Stake. His presentation was on missionary work in the priesthood quorums. The 18 elders in the Mantaro Stake sang a medley of priesthood/missionary hymns. Afterwards, Scott had his picture taken with a group of them. The zone leaders, Elders Barrios and Ebert are the first two missionaries on the left, front row:

While in Huancayo, we were reunited with Elders Olveros (left) and Ebert, who were office elders six months ago when we worked in the mission office in Lima:

We loved meeting with these dedicated, spiritual missionaries.

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Andrea said...

Happy 4th. We missed you here, but looks like you were busy there.