Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Day of Visitors

Sometimes we go weeks without visitors, but Saturday (July 25) we enjoyed lots of visitors.

First, two wonderful missionary couples came from Lima to stay with us for a few days: (left to right) Elder Jack and Sister Kay Beals (Area auditors), and Sister Veronica and Elder Glenn Lamb (Perpetual Education Fund).

Then another group came for breakfast. Two sisters, Darcy (who lives in Phoenix) and Mandy (who lives in Cedar City) Olsen, came to Peru to visit friends in Lima. They found our blog, contacted us, and asked about traveling in the High Central Andes. We had them contact Zarahemla López, a travel agent. Zara acccompanied them to Tarma, along with her brother-in-law Carlos Shiraishi (he works with FamilySearch in the Area Office) who drove the van. They are all members of the church (left to right), Zarahemla, Mandy, Darcy, and Carlos:

We fed ten people for breakfast: a feast of French toast, English ham, scrambled eggs, and juice.

In the evening, we had a surprise visit from the Durman Durand family (our dear friends who have moved from Tarma to La Merced). Here they are enjoying a dinner of American tacos and Mexican chips and dip (left to right, Cami, Durman, Karola, and Eduardo):

It was a great day of visiting with our friends (both new and old)!

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