Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ditty on our 4th Trip to Huancavelica

OUR TRIP TO HUANVELICA (to be read in the sing-song manner of a Dr. Seus book)

Dirt road, narrow road; sunken, bumpy, dumpy road:

Pothole, train track, rain and shaky bridge:

Large rocks, speed bump, landslide from the ridge:

Donkeys, llamas, broken railings, chickens, trucks and dogs:

Oxen, cattle, moto-taxi, tractor, sheep and hogs:

Stalled cars, bicycles, cement, and piled up bricks;
Water streams, tricycles, smoke, and broken sticks:

Women walking, herding, selling, waiting for the bus:

Children hiking, biking, playing, not aware of us:

Men were chatting, planting, painting, carrying their load;
Stopping traffic for some dancers right out on the road!

Markets, parties, bands, parades, policeman wanting bribe:

This is only part—but all our poem will describe.


Andrea said...

This is one of my favorite posts yet. I love the poem and pictures! What an adventure. I'm not so sure I'd like going over that scary bridge!

Russ said...

Great post!

So you guys had to drive across that bridge and later through the river? That's crazy!

Anonymous said...

You said our mission was tough. After seeing that bridge I think you have it tough also. I would have preferred to walk across the bridge and get back in the car if it made it axross ok.

Seth said...

Love it! Wow!