Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photos to Celebrate Our Half-Way Point

On July 13, 2009, we will complete nine months as missionaries, the halfway point of our 18-month mission. To celebrate, we offer the following recently taken photographs, which have not appeared previously on this blog. To get an expanded view of each picture, click it.

Flower saleswoman in San Pedro de Cajas, Peru:

Valley above La Oroya, Peru (at 12,200 feet above sea level). The green pipe carries water for the city of La Oroya:

Grocery store with firewood in front, a rack of bags of chips near the entrance, and green bags of coca leaves (source of cocaine) in the doorway; taken in a small town south of Huancayo:

Sharon, granddaughter of our driver José Quinto, playing the keyboard in Beverly's piano class:

Yellow flowers on the side of a hill near the Gruta de Huagapo (cave) in the Palcamayo valley north of Tarma:

Dancers in the streets of San Pedro de Cajas:

Terraced farmlands above Tarma:

Three women of San Pedro de Cajas:

Cactus growning on a fence wall in San Pedro de Cajas:

School kids holding a parade in the Plaza de Armas of Huancavelica, Peru (sometimes we think kids in Peru march in parades more than they spend time in the classroom):

Vicuñas on the Pampa (altiplano) of Junín:

The town of Cochas Bajo, west of Tarma:

Woman sitting in the Plaza de Armas of Palcamayo, Peru:

Mountains south of Tarma, Peru (these peaks are about 17,000 feet high):


Andrea said...

Congrats on your half-way mark!! Don't get trunky!

Russ said...

I can't believe you're at your half-way point. That's crazy.

I loved the pictures, especially the HDR of the valley above La Oroya.

Eric said...

Half-way already?! It's hard to believe how quickly that's gone by (well, for me anyway). Love you both!

bdz132 said...

Congratulations on the half-way milestone.

Hey, bring back some of those leaves as a souvenir.

Sharon said...

I KNOW that you're half-way through..but I just can't seem to really comprehend it.

I do understand that you've done 2-years worth of work in 6 months! Congratulations.