Friday, February 20, 2009

Friends and Neighbors

Our dearest friends in Tarma are the Durmánd family. Brother Durmánd (our branch Elders Quorum President) was the man who found our home, helped us prepare the contract, organized the branch to get our home ready, and helped us in many other ways. He has the cutest kids. Here Beverly and I sit in the park with them.

I guess they are our surrogate grandkids while we are away from our 17 (going on 19) grandkids in Utah. This picture shows Cami and Eduardo Durmánd.

Our landlandy Neli (with whom we have had some difficulty) is shown here on the far right. She is opinionated and quirky, but she is definitely clean. She spends most of the day puttering around the house and yard keeping things tidy. Shown on the left are her daughter Rosa and husband (who live in Lima).

Our first day here, this group of boys yelled "Hey, Gringos!" and then sold us some bread. (We didn't dare eat it because their hands were so dirty.) Are the Peruvian kids cute, or what?


Sharon said...

Those kids are truly adorable. I love the first picture of you two on the bench. It's a great picture.

Anonymous said...

Cute kiddos!