Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Tarma Missionaries

We belong to the Tarma-La Oroya-Cerro de Pasco Zone. Our zone leaders (who live in La Oroya) are Elder Cook (from Logan, Utah) and Elder Lima (from Arequipa, Peru). We had them at our home for a spaghetti dinner after leadership meeting on Sunday, Feb. 22. Here's our picture after the dinner:

Monday night (Feb. 23) we had the Tarma missionaries to dinner. We held a birthday party for Elder Wengren (from Taylorsville, Utah), and served chicken fajitas (made with tortillas, chicken, and cheese we brought from Lima). Here we get ready to cut the cake: Elder Illachura (from Tacna, Peru), Elder Arrascue (from Trujillo, Peru), Elder Keel (from Victorville, California), Elder Wengren, and Beverly.

Elders Arrascue and Keel are the missionaries who work in the area where we live. We hold Family Home Evening with them and their investigators once a week:

Elder Wengren gets ready to blow out the "candles" (actually match sticks stuck upside down in the cake):

We love these hard-working, baptizing missionaries.


Sharon said...

Don't those young missionaries just light up your apartment? They look the same all over the world! What a fun dinner. That is some birthday cake - wow!! Please don't tell me Bev whipped it up:-)

Love, Sharon

Scott said...

Beverly did not whip it up. I did. Well, I was the one who walked half a block to our local bread store/backery and purchased it. The "frosting" is chocolate flavored whipped cream.

Melissa said...

What wonderful hosts you two are! I'm sure the missionaries just love coming to your home.

Anonymous said...

My son has just received his call the Lima Peru East mission, he will be entering the MTC on June 17, 09 and I just have to tell you how grateful that I am that you have posted this blog!!! It is so wonderful for a mother to be able to see some snippits of the area that her son will be laboring. It is also very comforting for me to see that wonderfull senior couples are looking out for the young Elders. Ya'll are awesome!!!

Unknown said...

We had a birthday cake for Elder Wengren with his family at home but it was no where as fancy as yours. It really makes us feel good that he has such support and he looks so good and happy ,
Thank You Steve,Amy, Brock & Kaylee Wengren.