Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Tour of Our Tarma Home

We've already posted pictures of the outside of our home. Now you get to see the inside.

Here's the couch in our large living room. You can see the front door on the right.

Here is the study area in our living room. Beverly's computer is on the big table; Scott's is on the computer desk/bookshelf on the right. The printer sits on a night stand we brought down from upstairs. Notice the nice new wood floor (we had to help pay for it).

This is the downstairs bathroom. The miracle is not in how it looks, but in the fact that it has hot water to the sink and the tub/shower.

The master bedroom. It's actually larger than it looks. Notice the nice new wood floor (we had to help pay for it).

One of the three guest bedrooms, with two beds in each one. We have plenty of room for visitors! Notice the nice new wood floor (we had to help pay for it).

This shows our kitchen "cupboards." We haven't seen any homes, ours included, with built-in cupboard space.

Beverly is washing the dishes in our large kitchen. Note the wonderful kitchen stove.

Scott enjoys a cup of juice while sitting at the kitchen table.

Scott stands by our refrigerator, which is too big to fit through the kitchen door, so it sits out in a hallway. Can you remember how little our fridge was in Lima?

Scott is shown here cooking our first meal on the stove.

Because of the high altitude of Tarma (10,016 feet), the fact that our home here is not heated (it gets cold at night!), and the difficulty we have in buying simple things (like clean ground beef and chicken, tortillas and salsa, edible fruits and vegetables, especially lettuce), our life in Tarma is like camping in a large cabin in the High Uintahs. Scott loves it! Beverly has never really enjoyed camping.


Anonymous said...

The house looks great! I'm glad you're starting to get settled in.

Russ said...

Wow. That looks very nice.

Ashley Thalman said...

That home is so spacious and beautiful. I would, and can speak for most former foreign missionaries, have loved to live their. So nice.

Melissa said...

Three guest bedrooms! Now we have to come and visit! The house looks so much nicer than I expected. I was thinking that you would be living in a barn that the people cleared out for you :)

Sharon said...

Big and beautiful! I love the floors.

Looks like you better get a sign-up sheet for all the visitors who want to come to Tarma. Where do we do sign up... and should we bring a few heads of fresh lettuce?

Love, Sharon

Eric said...

What a beautiful place! I'll stop worrying about you guys. Looks like there's plenty of room for visitors...hopefully you'll understand if we can't make it this year after all. :)

Rod & Kathy said...

You have a nice home, but the fact that there is no heat would be really hard for me. How do you keep your feet warm? What a blessing that you can play the piano to help them learn the hymns correctly. I loved looking at all te pictures.