Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some Of Our Favorite Peruvians

Here's a collection of pictures of some of our favorite people whom we have met during our first 100 days in Peru.

Beverly with members in Tarma, where we're moving to this week:

President Luis Lazo, first counselor in the Peru Lima East Mission presidency:

A group of members (and one investigator soon to be baptized) from our La Molina Vieja Ward in Lima:

Some of the young women of the Viñas Ward (which meets in the same building as our ward):

Mario, our barber and hairdresser:

Two little girls from La Molina Vieja Ward:

Some of the youth from La Molina Vieja ward play around after church:

Some of the young men of La Molina Vieja Ward practice singing:

Filipe "Pipo" Álvarez, our ward executive secretary and the guy who painted our apartment:

Elder Leiva, Assistant to the President, who has now returned home to Arequipa, Peru, from his mission:

The Dinklang family at Brother Dinklang's baptism. This family lives near us and became some of our dearest friends. We held several family home evenings with them:

Blas Alvarez, whom I baptized in 1965, now celebrating his 82nd birthday:

Bishop Prieto of La Molina Vieja Ward:

We love all of these wonderful people!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection of pictures! I'm so happy to see how many wonderful people you're meeting there.

Sharon said...

Peruvians are beautiful people! I got tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I scrolled to each picture. Every one of those faces reflects happiness and peace. Isn't the gospel wonderful.

Andrea said...

This has been one of my favorite posts on your blog. I love hearing about the people that have touched your lives!