Thursday, February 19, 2009

Youth Conference in Tarma, Peru

On the first Saturday of our life in Tarma, we were asked to participate in a Youth Conference of the Peru Tarma District. Scott was the final speaker at the devotional. Afterwards, three young sisters asked him to pose for a picture. Here it is.

Beverly was asked to bear her testimony and to accompany the hymns. The members in Peru have never heard anyone play the piano as Beverly can. After most meetings where she plays, she is swarmed by members who want her to play their favorite hymn or play something else for them. The youth conference was no exception, as shown by this picture.

One of the main activities of the youth conference was a dance. The youth really got into it.

Many of these youth traveled an hour or more from towns and villages around Tarma to participate in the conference. For example, many kids came from a small branch in the town of Junín, located at about 14,000 feet above sea level in the Central Highlands of Peru. How wonderful to see these young people from the House of Israel enjoying the blessings of the gospel. They are the first to tell you, with pride, that they are the descendents of the people of the Book of Mormon.


من أجل التمكين said...
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Sharon said...

GREAT to have you back blogging! What wonderful experiences you two are having. Keep up the great work!!

Andrea said...

What nice ward members to welcome you so kindly!! I'm glad you've made it there safely and that things are going well. LOVE YOU!

Sharon said...

Bev, I LOVE that picture of you, barely visible, with the members hovering around watching and listening to you play the piano. That's adorable!

Russ said...

I agree with the de Paulas, that picture of Mom is great. It reminds me of her playing piano for the grandkids.