Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tarma is a cool place!

This chart of the 15-day forecast is almost identical to all the 15-day forecasts in Tarma during this, their winter season (Nov through Feb). In other words, the temperature stays more or less between 47 and 51 degrees Fahrenheit all day every day. It also rains most days for brief periods of time. During the Tarma summers, the temperatures are even colder!, but it doesn't rain.

Those are indeed cool temperatures, but during the day, you would swear it's a lot warmer than that. Sure enough, the "Real Feel" high temperatures, shown in the upper red line on the chart, indicates that during the day, the 50-51 degrees feel like 60-65. During our recent 5-day visit to Tarma we felt comfortably warm during the day and uncomfortably cold at night. We have since purchased jackets and sweaters, so we'll feel comfortable all day and night.

We love that climate!


Andrea said...

great running weather if you ask me!

Russ said...

I'm a little surprised it would feel 10-15º hotter than it really is. It must be because of the humidity, but I wouldn't expect humidity at 50º to make it feel hotter.

Out of curiosity, does it ever snow in Tarma?

Melissa said...

No wonder why you had me send a bunch of warmer clothing for mom. Hopefully they get to you in time.

Sharon said...

So why is Tarma's winter season the same months as ours in the northern hemisphere? I thought they were supposed to be opposite in the southern hemisphere.

By the way, that's exactly my comfort range...year round! Guess I'll have to come:-)

Love, Your Sister

Anonymous said...

Still too cold for me, but certainly not as bad as it could be.

Scott said...

Andrea: It is great running weather. As soon as I get used to the altitude, and get in better shape through walking, I´ll start running some.

Russ: The humidity is like Utah. In fact, living in Tarma is a lot like living a Mirror Lake or at Ryder Lake in the High Uintahs. Hot and dry (low humidity) in the day because of the proximity of the sun and thinness of the air.

Melissa: Before it´s over, I might ask you to send me my long-handled underwear!

Sharon: The seasons are called winter here because of the rain and summer when it doesn´t rain. To Peruvians, the name of the season has nothing to do with the temperature. Summer in Tarma is actually a lot colder than in winter!