Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our Trip to the Town of Junín

Meet some of the members of the Junín Branch of the Tarma District. They are at the branch chapel for the release of Sister Dora Córdoba (standing between Scott and Beverly) from her service as a missionary in the Perú Piura Mission.

While Scott was privately interviewing and releasing Sister Córdoba, Beverly played a small keyboard and members of the branch sang their favorite hymns. Then the Branch President (front row, far left) conducted a 15-minute devotional he had organized where Sister Córdoba, Beverly, and Scott gave their testimonies. It was a wonderful experience.

The man standing on the far right is our non-member taxi driver who also participated in the services. Scott had given him the first missionary discussion on a previous trip to La Oroya. We have given his name to the missionaries and he has promised to attend church in Tarma tomorrow.

This little branch has its own nice LDS chapel on a large plot of land:

This picture shows the corner on which the chapel is located (you can see the chapel fence at the right):

This shows the street (looking north) on which the chapel is located:

This is a view of the town, located at an elevation of 13,500 feet above sea level, which explains why all the members in the first picture were so warmly dressed:

This picture shows the area surrounding Junín (the Pampas or altiplano). It is a large area of relatively flat land situated in the high Central Andes:

Every day is an adventure for us here in Peru.


Andrea said...

It feels like I've been to this place before...looks a lot like those towns we were in when we visited Peru. Absolutely beautiful pictures!

Eric said...

Beautiful! With everything you have going you probably don't have time to even miss us. The time is going to fly. I'm so glad you can keep the blog up to date.

Sharon said...

Oh I love your blog updates! I can hardly wait to read your reports and see the great pictures that give such a good summary of your mission experiences.

Love you both, Sister Sharon

Anonymous said...

I am LDS and my husband and I are coming to Peru in May. I found your blog and wondered if I could contact you directly to get some information. We were excited for the trip at first but have heard so many scary stories that we are afraid we won't get out alive! Hope that's not true but it sure would be nice to talk to another member who has experienced Peru. If you are allowed or have the time, my name is Tara and my email address is If not, maybe we'll run into you in a few months! thanks :)