Monday, June 22, 2009

Baptismal Services and Other Weekend Activities

Saturday, June 20: We attended two baptismal services.

The first baptism was of a young mother, Claudia, shown here with Elders Bates and Castro and her four children: Isaac (age 11), Brenda (10), Sharon (8), and Matthew (3).

The second baptism was of Maritza, sister to three church members, only two of whom are shown here, with Elder Winn:

Sunday, June 21: We attended several meetings.
  • Scott spoke in sacrament meeting on Father's Day. He was asked to give a 10-minute talk just two minutes before the meeting started, but he always carries several talks in his briefcase, "just in case."
  • Scott had several interviews with branch presidents, gave two temple recommend interviews, set apart the new counselor in the district presidency, and gave a 30-minute training presentation to the branch presidencies in our district.
  • In the meantime, Beverly gave a piano lesson to two of her regular students who used to come on Tuesday/Thursday mornings, but who now work. She gives them a lesson each Sunday evening.

Monday, June 22: We had our regular Preparation Day

We invited the three Tarma elders to our home. (Elder Méndez has been transferred.) We ate ham, O'Briens (fried potatoes with onions and red peppers), and French toast. The young elders also prepared peach cobbler, which we ate with ice cream. Now that's a rare treat in Peru!

As usual, we had a full, wonderful weekend.

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Sharon said...

What a busy senior couple weekend!! You two don't stop for a minute do you? What wonderful things you are doing for everyone - talks, lessons, music, food... blessings of service to all on your mission! We love you.