Monday, June 8, 2009

The Great Missionaries of Tarma

As always, we have a great group of missionaries here in Tarma.

This picture shows all six Tarma missionaries, at the baptism of Mariela, last Saturday (June 6). Left to right: Elder Castro from Guatemala, Elder Méndez from El Salvador, Beverly, Scott, Mariela, Elder Bates (from San Antonio, Texas), and Elder Winn (from West Valley, Utah, if we're not mistaken):

We had a fireside yesterday (Sunday, June 7) with President Joseph Groberg of the Lima Missionary Training Center. He asked who were planning to leave on missions during the next three years. Mariela (age 18) was one of the first to raise her hand! She also bore a wonderful testimony yesterday in Fast and Testimony meeting.

Today (Monday, June 8) we had the four elders over for pizza on their P-Day. We had tossed salad, pizza, carbonated beverages, and cake. They sang happy birthday to Beverly (a day after her actual birthday). Here are Elders Bates, Castro, Méndez, and Winn:

We love 'em!

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Sharon said...

Oh how we love missionaries! Those are great pictures.