Saturday, June 27, 2009

Missionary Games and Other Weekend Activites

Friday night (June 26), the three Tarma missionaries, along with the two zone leaders (who live in La Oroya, an hour away), held a fun multi-branch activities on missionary work. Members played games and "earned" money, with which they could "buy" prizes. Here's the money they used (which Scott designed and printed for the missionaries). The pictures are of Elders Castro, Winn, and Bates, respectively. The design is similar to the Peruvian bills:

The members could also win "talents" by answering gospel questions or doing some other "spiritual" activity. This one-talent bill has a picture of the Lima Temple:

The zone leaders, Elders English and Lowry, show the phoney money:

Elder Bates explains the "prizes" (which turned out to be empty boxes) that the members could "buy" with the phoney money:

The members loved the game, even after they found out that the boxes were empty, a symbol of what happens when we win the "prize" of the gospel but we don't share it with others: our "prize" is hollow.

After the missionary activity, about eight young people surrounded Beverly and asked her to teach some English. From left to right: an unidentified girl, Mayra Quinto (our investigator, in the white jacket), Sharon (Mayra's niece, also our investigator), and Luz Karina Tinoco (a member and good friend of ours):

Saturday morning (June 27), Beverly and Scott made Mexican salsa, something we love but can't buy here in Tarma. This is the second time we've made it, but we like it so much, we did a huge batch this time, and then put it in empty Mexican salsa bottles that we brought from Lima:

Such was our Friday and Saturday this week in Tarma, Peru.


Anonymous said...

Hey, how about sharing the salsa recipe. We can't get anything Mexican here but Hermana Davis is bringing us some of those Dippas.

Sharon said...

Cute game! And about that salsa...that looks professional! WOW!! I think you could start a business.

Russ said...

The fake money looks awesome. I bet the members had a ton of fun.