Friday, June 5, 2009

Dropping Into Tarma from the South

Today we made a quick trip to Huancayo, two hours south of Tarma. As we returned and dropped down from the altiplano at 13,500 feet into Tarma at 10,016 feet, we enjoyed these views.

It's harvest time for many crops, including potatoes. The workers put the potatoes in red and white bags for hauling to market:

The hills, which used to be a patchwork of green, are now a patchwork of yellows and browns, with a little green:

As we got closer to Tarma, the hill became greener, and we could see the terraced farms and the city (shown in the upper left corner of this picture):

The hills and valleys on the outskirts of town:

It's fun to travel to Huancayo and other places, but it's always nice to return home to Tarma!


Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

I can't believe we actually get to see these incredible places in person in two months! Your photos are spectacular!!