Thursday, June 18, 2009

Noche Misional (Missionary Night)

Every Wednesday evening, our branch (Rama Modelo) has a Noche Misional (Missionary Night). Members and nonmembers come together to have short spiritual messages, often to see a Church video, to receive encouragement regarding missionary work or joining the Church, to play games, and to have refreshments.

Last night was no exception. Here Elder Bates (San Antonio, Texas) and Elder Castro (Guatemala) explain the game: Habla Chancho (Speak Pig!).

Here you can see part of the group. Going clockwise from Beverly: Sharon (granddaughter of our driver José Quinto and one of Beverly's favorite piano students), Luz Karina (a member friend), Mayra Quinto (daughter of José and also a piano student of Beverly's), Iván Orihuela (a young member who we have befriended), José Quinto (our driver), Martha (José's wife), and Isaac, a young boy whose mother, Claudia (sitting to the right of Beverly) was baptized recently:

Here Sharon is getting ready to be blindfolded by Mayra as part of the game:

This shows Iván, who had to pay a penalty for "losing" the game. He had to put water around his mouth and then try to bite a piece of candy that was buried in a bowl of flour:

We like Noche Misional because our investigator family, the Quintos, seem to really enjoy it. They come every week. They have agreed to be baptized at the end of July, after they talk with their adult children who live in Lima. We pray that the conversation with their children goes well and they are baptized.


Andrea said...

Sounds like fun. We get a lot of non-LDS people at our fun activities, way more than at church on Sunday unfortunately.

Sharon said...

Looks like they're having so much fun! It's wonderful to see that simple, wholesome activities are so enjoyable to these people who are new to the Church activities. We wish the Quinto family well.