Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visit of MTC President and Sister Groberg

Last Sunday, the Lima MTC president and his wife, President Joseph and Sister Jeanne Groberg gave a missionary fireside in Tarma. The youth of the district loved their message of encouragement and inspiration on preparing to serve a mission.

Right after the meeting, a Tarma member took this picture. It shows Scott with President and Sister Groberg while Beverly is playing the postlude music for the fireside:

The next afternoon (Monday), the Grobergs came back to Tarma (after giving a fireside in La Merced) to stay with us. We had a nice meal and great conversation. Elder Groberg was an Assistant to the President in the Andes Mission when Scott arrived in June 1964. We also knew the Grobergs in Provo when the four of us were BYU students. We had a wonderful time renewing our friendship and reminiscing about our missionary experiences.

On Tuesday morning, the Grobergs walked to the church with us. Our Tarma missionaries, Elders Bates and Castro, were there. Elder Bates' father was a missionary here in Peru 28 years ago under then mission president Joseph Groberg.

The Grobergs then went to Cerro de Pasco, where they held another fireside, and then they stayed with us again Tuesday night. This morning before they left for Lima, we had our picture taken with Neli, our landlady:

The Grobergs are charming, friendly and gracious. We enjoyed their visit.


Sharon said...

What a wonderful event it must have been to have the MTC President and his wife in your area! They must have brought a special spirit of love and missionary work.

Allison said...

I found your blog and was so excited! I am Danette's sister and I served in the Lima Este Mision about 3 years ago. I loved reading about how the mission is doing, makes me miss it :) Good luck with the rest of your mission and I will be sure to keep reading!

My weight loss journey said...

I have never been on a mission and I'm a recent convert (July 2007) but I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about a mission. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What a fun reunion of sorts.