Monday, June 8, 2009

Only in Peru: More Road Signs

There are two animal crossing signs along the highway on our way to Junín, on the high altiplano.
The first is a Vicuña Crossing sign. Almost every trip to Junín, we actually see vicuña crossing the highway:

The second sign is a Skunk Crossing sign. We've never seen a skunk crossing the highway, but we have smelled the results of one of them trying to cross but not succeeding:


Anonymous said...

The picture of the vicuna looks like a llama or an alpaca. Is that just their name for one of those, or is it a related animal, or is it something else entirely?

Russ said...

The skunks are so bad they have to put up a sign for them? Yuck!

Eric said...

Ok, I think I need the skunk crossing for MY street. One crossed right in front of me as I was driving up to my house! Luckily I saw it and slowed down so I wouldn't hit it.

Sharon said...

So-ooo glad those signs are only in Peru!