Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick Trip to San Pedro de Cajas

Beverly and I went to San Pedro de Cajas last Sunday for their branch conference. When I got home, I discovered that I had left my triple combination there in the chapel. The sad part is that this is the second time I have left my scriptures in San Pedro.

So today I took a "colectivo" (car for hire) to San Pedro and back. The normal one-way price is US$1.70 per person for a ride of an hour and 15 minutes, but I paid two fares so that I wouldn't have to share the front passenger seat with someone else! On the way there, I took pictures to show how the agricultural valley between Tarma and San Pedro is drying out as the rainy season has come to an end. This picture shows that much of the valley is still green, but many fields have been harvested and plowed. The hills are starting to turn brown:

Here, workers are filling baskets with the last of the lettuce crop:

Here's a common site along this dirt road---sheep blocking the way:

The sheep in the above picture belong to this shepherdess and her sheep dog (why isn't the dog working to keep the sheep out of the road?):

I also captured a picture of this woman resting on the side of the road after a hard day's work in the fields:

Once in San Pedro, I went to the home of the branch president, Árgeles Rojas, to get my triple combination. He invited me into his workshop, where he spends his days weaving:

His two sons also work on the looms. Here is his son Wilson Rojas, counselor (to his dad) in the branch presidency, making the cloth for a book bag:

Wilson asked me to leave a blessing on their workshop. I was happy to do so. My heart goes out to the millions of Peruvians like the Rojas family who work long hours every day and still live in poverty. The Rojas family sacrifices much of their time in serving the Church.

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Sharon said...

What a beautiful, inexpensive, and profitable trip! Who wouldn't pay that price for shuttle service through this beautiful countryside?:-) We can hardly wait to see it!