Tuesday, May 19, 2009

District Conference in Huancavelica

We traveled to Huancavelica (12,100 feet above sea level) to attend and speak at the District Conference, as well as to make a change in the district presidency.

The main session of conference was held in a lecture hall at this hospital:

The large lecture hall provided barely enough room for the conference. Here the brethren are setting up before the meeting starts:

Beverly tried out the keyboard before the conference (surrounded by Milagros, the music director, and a soon-to-be-sustained elder):

Scott had a few minutes to take pictures before the conference began, so he walked to the Río Ichu, which runs past the hospital, and caught these women doing their weekly laundry:

After the conference, Beverly took pictures of some of the members while Scott was in meetings. Here are (left to right), President Manuel Torres, new first counselor in the district; President Rudy Zorilla, newly released and past district president; and President Alfredo Huamaní, branch president in Huancavelica:

This group of women and little girls wanted their picture taken with Beverly:

Here Beverly poses with the members and missionaries who traveled two hours (not counting an hour delay because of a landslide) from Pampas to Huancavelica for the conference:

This happy member is typical of the many young women who attended the conference:

This spirited young man enjoyed the conference:

Most of the members in the mountains of Peru dress in "modern" attire, as you can see from the above pictures, but this older woman, who speaks little Spanish and converses mostly in Quechua, wears her traditional attire, including the hat worn by the women in Huancavelica:

We love these wonderful, faithful members, who meet daily challenges living in these remote mountain towns.


Russ said...

Whoa. I love the last photo.

Andrea said...

ya, the last photo is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on that last photo! The picture of the women doing their laundry in the river sure makes me appreciate my washer and dryer. I'll never complain about doing my laundry again (okay, I probably will...but I'm still grateful for my modern appliances).

Sharon said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL people! I get teary-eyed seeing them. What great photography!