Monday, May 4, 2009

Elder and Sister Lamb Teach About Education and Employment

Our good friends, Elder Glenn and Sister Veronica Lamb, came to Tarma to give training and a fireside regarding the Church's Perpetual Education Fund. This picture was taken after one of their leadership meetings with branch presidencies, branch employments specialists, and interested church members. Elder Lamb appears in his white shirt second from the right. Sister Lamb appears in a blue jacket; she is seated behind Beverly in the middle of the picture:

After the employment leadership meeting, Elder and Sister Lamb met with smaller groups. Here they are talking to some of the employment specialists in the Tarma district, along with the district employment specialist, Brother Daniel Román.

As a result of their presentations, we learned a lot about how Peruvian kids can select a career, fund an education, and obtain employment. We hope to apply what we learned in helping members here in the Tarma district.

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Sharon said...

The PEF is such an awesome program. We saw if do so much good in Brazil when we were there. Hope it flourishes in Peru to help those wonderful people just the same.