Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday is Market Day in Tarma

Tarma has an open-air market every day of the week, but on Thursdays and Sundays, merchants and farmers from all around the area come into town and set up their booths.

Here people are buying dried peppers, spices, flavorings, and other items:

This is where we normally buy our lettuce and carrots. The woman is laughing at Scott for wanting to take her picture, but she was thrilled that he did:

The market has rows and rows of vendors selling multiple kinds of beans:

In this typical scene, two women from the country, and a stray dog from the city, relax in the market. The women are selling potatoes. The dog is wondering why Scott is taking its picture:

Peru is famous for potatoes, and you can find dozens of types in the Tarma market:

You can also find all kinds of breakfast cereals (we've never tried any of them):

In fact, you can find about anything you want in this Thursday market:


Sharon said...

That market is just beautiful! You're going to miss things like that when you come home.

Ryan said...

I love the markets!

Russ said...

All were very nice pictures. As you can guess, my kids like the dog one the best. (Keep dreaming, kids!)

Anonymous said...

I always love seeing your pictures of the markets.